Hydrogeology, hydrology, geothermy and purification

Mastella consulting firm gained a solid experience in aquifers studies and in the planning of systems for purification of sewege in soils with natural systems of phytoremediation.

Moreover is specialized in the realization of hydrogeologic surveys finalized to aquifers safeguarding and captation of new water resources, as well as captation requests of underground water concessions for different uses, civil and industrial, also geothermal.

In these survey sectors law disciplined accurately hydraulic subject, so Mastella consulting firm specialized in the writing up of hydraulic compatibility evaluation for city planning variation, housing development plans and civil settlements.

The following services are offered:

concession/renewal for procedures for well capitation;

hydrogeological surveys and safeguarding of captation structures (wells and springs);

concessions for underground water captation for open loop and closed loop thermal heat exchange;

phytoremediation systems and sewage disposal planning; 

hydraulic network for meteoric water planning, with identification of idoneous reservoir systems and first rain management;

hydraulic compatibility evaluation;

concession procedures for thermal uses.